STM Arbor Mechanical Mod

STM Arbor Mechanical Mod

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Screaming Tree Mods have spent many months designing and engineering this mechanical mod to offer our customer the best possible product at the absolute best price. Whilst designing this mod they spared no detail, The Arbor mod is engineered to out preform, and outlast anything our competition has to offer. As with all of our product we truly strive to provide you with a truly unique, fully customisable, and outstanding device and to top it off the Arbor Mod is totally 100% American made. This is a true American Mod designed for excellence. All of our raw materials, and components are sourced from the United States of America. Everything is Machined, Assembled, from STM's headquarters in California.


  • Unique threading pattern that allows the top cap to thread on the outside of the body of the tube. This enhances conductivity and promotes a cleaner flush look.
  • Designed to ensure that you never encounter battery rattle and that all atomizers will sit flush.
  • Hybrid 510 connection ensure that the best possible connection between the Arbor Mod and your favourite atomizer is achieved.



  • The Arbor Mods machining process delivers a smooth and clean finish on the inside and out of the tube body for better current flow.
  • Unique thread pitches on the top and the bottom engineered to give assembly/disassembly a buttery smooth feel.
  • Fit standard 18650 batteries without any battery rattle.
  • Can be completely customised with Arbor Mod sleeves (And other mechanical mod sleeves also!)



  • Utilized strong Neodymium magnets.
  • Square Copper contacts for a better connection.
  • Can be fully taken apart for cleaning.
  • Smooth button base for a classy feel.
  • Fully interchangeable.